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Based in Warwickshire Fire Safety Solutions (UK) serve the UK in fire safety services to ensure the safety of your premises.

Fire Safety Services: Welcome
dry riser being tested


At Fire Safety Solutions (UK) Ltd. we have our own dedicated dry riser service vehicle and servicing is carried out by our own in-house Technicians. This enables us to keep our pricing very competitive in the industry.

Fire Safety Solutions (UK) Ltd. provide both Major (wet test) and a Minor (visual) annual servicing in accordance with BS9990:2015. Using our dedicated dry riser service vehicle our skilled Technicians will service your system by pressurising it to 12 bar of water and carrying out a 15-minute static test. We will then drain the system make sure all valves are closed and locked securely.


Dry risers are an essential part of the fire protection of a building.  If the height of the building exceeds 18 metres from the fire brigade access level to the top of the building and is below 50 metres (buildings exceeding 50 metres from the brigade access level require a wet riser).  It is the responsibility of the building owner, landlord or facilities manager to ensure that the dry riser system has been serviced to BS9990:2015 and a valid certificate of compliance has been issued. 


After servicing and ensuring the locks are secure we will then issue a detailed certificate of inspection.


If you require any further information about our dry riser service call us or fill out our enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch to offer any further information required.


Fire Safety Solutions (UK) Ltd. can provide a wide range of fire extinguisher services. Whether you have one extinguisher or 1,000! Contact us for competitive prices and a friendly efficient service.

  • Supply

  • Annual Service

  • Free site survey and quotation

  • Commission

  • Installation

  • Ancillary equipment

  • Fire safety signage

  • Lith-ex fire extinguishers designed for use on  Lithium-ion battery fires

All fire extinguishers supplied by Fire Safety Solutions (UK) Ltd. are Kite Marked to BS EN3:1996.  We commission and service fire extinguishers in accordance with BS5306-3:2017 and survey/install fire extinguishers to BS5306-8:2023.

We have a wide range of ancillary products either give us a call or fill out our enquiry form and a member of the team will be in touch to help find a solution for your requirements.

Fire safety signage forms an essential part of your premises overall fire protection, including the safety of yourself, your employees, your business and its customers.

Fire Safety Solutions (UK) Ltd. supply and install a wide range of fire safety signage, including escape routes, fire fighting equipment identification, fire action notices and much more.

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fire hydrant UK being tested


Fire hydrants are used by the fire and rescue service to provide a water supply for fighting fires.

Where fire hydrants are located privately e.g. retail parks, private industrial estates, universities etc.  It is the responsibility of the owner or occupier of the site to ensure they are maintained.

Fire hydrants should be inspected and tested once a year in accordance with BS9990 and the results of the flow/pressure recorded.

Fire Safety Solutions (UK) Ltd. carry out hydrant testing to current standards providing a detailed report of all the results.


It is a requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005 to ensure that emergency lighting is provided and routinely serviced on escape routes and exits.
Fire Safety Solutions (UK) Ltd. can maintain your Emergency Lighting in accordance with BS5266-1:2016. Whatever type of Emergency Lighting your premises have, we can provide scheduled maintenance to suit your requirements.

green emergency lighting
break the glass Fire Alarm


If you are the responsible person for a building it is your responsibility to ensure the fire alarm system is regularly serviced and maintained. To BS5839. Fire Safety Solutions (UK) Ltd. can offer quarterly or bi-annual scheduled service visits to meet with your requirements.

dry risers
fire extinguishers
fire hydrant testing
emergency lighting
fire alarms


Our fire safety services are designed to protect you and your establishment. Fire can be very destructive if not handled efficiently and in a timely manner. Our services are here to support the quick extinguishment of fire to protect your assets.

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