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Independently owned company based in Warwickshire with a reliable, competitive and quality service. 

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Fire Safety Solutions (UK) Ltd. are an independently run fire protection company based in the Warwickshire.
We bring together over 25 years of experience in the Fire Protection Industry.  Specialising in Fire Extinguisher Service and Supply,  
Dry Riser Servicing, Fire Hydrant Servicing, Fire Risk Assessments, Fire Training and Fire Alarm & Emergency Lighting Servicing. 

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Fire Safety Solutions (UK) Ltd. offer a wide range of services.  If you require a free quotation or any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact a member of our friendly, knowledgeable team.  Check out our reviews on Google or 

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  • Will your fire extinguishers work in an emergency? Ensure your fire extinguisher provider is competent.

  • Using a BAFE Competency of Portable Fire Extinguisher Organisations and Technicians (SP101) Registered Company can help you meet your obligations under national fire safety legislation, and should be used as a clear statement of requirements when sourcing competent providers for fire extinguisher services.

  • The BAFE SP101 scheme certificates the competency of portable fire extinguisher organisations and their employed technicians. This includes sourcing the right extinguishers for your building, commissioning, positioning, installation and ongoing servicing to ensure they perform correctly in the event of a fire.

  • BAFE Registered Fire Extinguisher Technicians (working for an SP101 Registered Company) will have achieved the BAFE Diploma. This is the defining award for fire extinguisher technicians to assure their competence, safety and skill to provide this service.

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"Excellent service from a lovely local business. Friendly and professional and know their stuff! Would highly recommend them."

Chase Meadow Community Centre, Warwick

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Stay safe and protected!

If you are in need of fire protection services, you can count on Fire Safety Solutions (UK). We offer comprehensive services to ensure your property is within safety compliance and set up to best protect you, your employees or your building. Don't get caught out, make sure you are ready for any fire emergency.

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