Fire Safety Solutions (UK) Ltd. Statement and actions on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Author: Eleanor Gray Managing Director  Publish date: 23rd March 2020

Fire Safety Solutions (UK) Ltd. Continue to monitor the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation globally, and the safety of our employees, customers and suppliers is top priority.  We would like to inform our customers of the steps we are taking to ensure that we continue to supply you with fire installation and maintenance services in a safe and efficient manor.

  • All Technicians have been instructed to maintain high quality hygiene practices as part of their normal working day by using anti-bacterial hand sanitizer and/or using site handwashing facilities regularly upon entry to buildings and on a regular basis throughout the day and to follow the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines   If an employee tests positive we are able to track sites they have visited and you will be notified.  If a staff member has any symptoms they will be in isolation for the 14 day period.  Staff are not permitted to work with any symptoms.  We have informed the Technicians to keep the recommended two metre gap if they come into contact with a member of public.
  • The Managing Director is in contact with the Technicians each morning to ensure they are fit for work and that they are not showing any symptoms.
  • Fire Safety Solutions (UK) Ltd. already operate from home
  • If you have any suspected cases of Coronavirus at your site please contact us immediately and we can reschedule a time to visit when its safe to do so.